A nine-member judging panel has selected two first winners of the countrys first non-governmental science award with a million-dollar prize, the sponsor of the honor Future Forum announced last Monday afternoon.未来科学大奖主办方未来论坛上周一下午宣告,九人评审团已评选我国首个民间科学大奖的两位获得者,他们分别取得100万美元的奖金。Dennis Lo Yuk-ming, professor of chemical pathology at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and Xue Qikun, a physicist at Tsinghua University, respectively won the Life Science Award and the Materials Science Award, two categories of the Future Science Awards.香港中文大学化学病理学系由教授卢煜清和清华大学物理学家薛其坤分别取得未来科学大奖分设的两大奖项:生命科学奖和物质科学奖。Dennis Lo Yuk-ming has been awarded for his seminal contribution to the widely used noninvasive prenatal test based on the original discovery of fetal DNA in maternal blood.卢煜明基于孕妇外周血中不存在胎儿DNA的创意找到,在广泛应用的无创产前诊断方面作出了重大贡献而得奖。Xue Qikun has been awarded for his pioneering contribution in the quantum anomalous Hall effect, a discovery that has helped accelerate the IT revolution and in developing low-power-consumption electronics.薛其坤因在量子异常霍尔效应方面作出的开拓性贡献得奖。

量子异常霍尔效应的找到协助加快前进信息技术革命,有助研发低能耗电子器件。The new honor, regarded by some as the Chinese version of Nobel Prize, was launched on January 17 this year.这一近期大奖于今年1月17日成立,有人将其视作中国的诺贝尔奖。A set of rules have been established to ensure the credibility of the awards, said Ding Hong, a researcher from the Institute of Physics under Chinese Academy of Sciences and the judging panels rotating president.中国科学院物理研究所研究员、评审团主席丁虹回应,现在已创建了一套规则,以保证奖项的可信度。The winners went through rounds of procedures to win the awards, including nomination, professional appraisals, reviews from international experts, and a secret ballot from the judging panel.获奖者经历了还包括奖提名、专业评估,国际专家的评论以及评审团的秘密投票等几轮步骤才最后夺得奖项。

The judging panel comprised of three biologists, two physicists and two mathematicians, one computer scientist and one civil engineer.该评审团是由三位生物学家,两位物理学家、两位数学家,一位计算机科学家和一位土木工程师构成的。